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Fisher 3582
Fisher 3582
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Last Updated
06 Apr 2020
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United States
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1 Unit

Specification of Fisher 3582

Fisher specifications 3582 Pneumatic Positioner
Industrial Valves and Valve Equipment

Fisher® 3582 pneumatic, single-acting positioners are used with diaphragm driven, sliding-rod control valve assemblies. Pneumatic valve positioners receive pneumatic input signals from the control device and modulate supply pressure to the control valve actuators, providing accurate position valve rods that are comparable to pneumatic input signals.

Versatile Modular Design-3582 positioners can be upgraded in the field to electro-pneumatic 3582i by replacing the measuring block with 582i electro-pneumatic converter assembly. Assembly converters attach to case positioners, providing cost-effective conversions. Thus, in the field, 3582 positioners can be upgraded from pneumatics to electronics to match new control strategies.

Accurate, efficient, Vibration-Resistant Operations-3582 and 3582i positioners offer proven field positioner designs that are accurate, fast-responding and able to withstand the vibration of most factory environments. Low steady air consumption contributes to efficient operation.
Rangeability-Both the 3582 and 3582i positioners provide split range capabilities. Adjustable zero ranges and ranges allow the use of all standard input signals including split ranges.
Simplified Spare Parts Inventory - Because units from one positioner family can be used in a variety of control applications, spare parts are basic simplified inventory requirements and few spare parts are needed to support plant-wide base positioner applications.
Easy Positioner Adjustment - With the cover removed, zero and range adjustments are easily accessible and can be made with a screwdriver.
Stable Operation - Changes in supply pressure and valve load have a minimal effect on positioner operation.
Corrosion Case resistance, components, and packing materials resist harsh environments. The air-bleed positioner cleanses the internal parts for additional protection.
The Reversible-Simple adjustment field allows switching between direct and inverted actions.
Control Valve Diagnostic Testing Capability - To support diagnostic testing of valve / actuator / positioner packages with FlowScannerTM diagnostic systems valves, connectors, pipes, and other hardware can be installed between 3582 or 3582i and actuators


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