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Services Description PUMP UNIT

Does well in for hydrotest pump
Pressure testing of components that are to be exposed to or hold a liquid or gas under pressure:
• Tubings, Hoses
• Valves
• Pressure Vessels, Accumulators
• Gas Bottles, Fire Extinguishers
• Heat Exchangers, Turbines
• and so on.
Benefits for hydrostatic pneumatic test pump
* Repeatability of pressure values
* No energy consumption after final pressure is attained
* Customised configuration of the test systems
Features for high pressure hydrostatic test pump air driven
♦ Stationary and mobile
♦ Easy operation
♦ No heat, flame or spar risk
♦ Stainless steel pipe work
♦ Pneumatic drive
Technical data
Working pressure up to 8.000PSI
Medium Water and Oil
Data storage analogue and digital
Control Model Manual

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