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PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa


In the Age of the Globalization, the need for services, especially trade, was very important and seeing the existence of a business opportunity today until the future is very much needed in its utilization. For that we ventured to open this business in utilizing natural resources in Indonesia for the prosperity of all components of the nation.

PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa is a company engaged in mining, trade and services, until now PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa still exists in this field and will develop its wings and provide better service than before. Good cooperation, credibility, loyalty and honesty are the most important things for us to do business in this field.

Our company is strong in exponentially diversifying energy for humanity, power, government, shareholders, society and the environment so that future generations can reap a bright future.

Jual Pressure Switch

Pressure switch merupakan sebuah alat yang digunakan untuk memberikan sinyal ON atau OFF pada system selanjutnya (PLC, DCS atau relay) yang berhubungan dengan safety, Control berupa alarm atau Trip(Shutdown) suatu peralatan. Ada beberapa model Switch berikut diantaranya yaitu Temperature Switch, Level Switch, Flow Switch, Vibrasi Switch. Kami, PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa menjual pressure switch berkualitas dengan harga murah.